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Licensed Massage Therapist
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Hello, we are starting up a wellness center in Biddeford Maine. There are 4 Massage/Healing Practitioner rooms available for rent with a yoga/martial arts studio and retail space connected. There are two entrances/exits. One at street level by the retail space and one at the lower level by the healing rooms. The Wellness Center has its own 7 car parking lot. Each Practitioner will be given their own key so they can make their own hours. Each room is newly renovated. There is a bathroom and laundry facility on site and a decent sized waiting room. Each room is outfitted with LED lights that are fully dimmable and able to change their warmth level via remote. The 4 rooms are as follows: 7x14 (98 sq/ft) asking $240/mo, 8x11 (88 sq/ft) $220/mo, 10x13 (130 sq/ft) $300/mo, and 10x20 (200 sq/ft) 380/mo. If you're not interested in renting for a full month and are only interested in paying as you go, the rate for a single session is 30% (meaning you keep 70%). Massage tables are available if you don't have your own. I don't mind if you pair up with another practitioner and work around each other's schedules if renting a room by the month. It's my hope that having so many different practitioners in one spot will create a situation for each person to recommend others and help the community of healers grow and prosper. Email me for photos at evnfeeley@gmail.com.

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Room Rental
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Private Practice
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