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Massage/Polarity/RYSE practitioner (Space Rental)
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This is an opportunity for you to create and run your own business, specifically calling for massage therapists, polarity therapists, RYSE practitioners as well as other alternative minded practitioners that are looking to focus on soft tissue therapy, deep energy clearing in regards to whole health and a further understanding of mind body alignment.  The use of the space includes a private treatment room, a large lobby, a multi-purpose shared space to run classes, seminars, lectures, or RYSE groups.  There is a galley kitchen and meeting area for practitioners.  The cost of your space includes rent, utilities, marketing, networking and business support, connections within the community to continue to grow your own practice, cross marketing and referrals from a well established business looking to share overflow of clientelle.  Also included is laundry service, online scheduling and facility housekeeping.  The location of the space is located in historic downtown Amesbury on the falls of the Pow Wow River, downtown parking within a vibrant healing.  There are 4 rooms available.  This is a great opportunity for a brand new business owner wanting to work 20 + sessions a week and grow into a thriving practice.  

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Room Rental
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Private Practice
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