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Massage Therapist
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We hope that you have been enjoying your time in school.  The opportunity for learning is part of what gives energy to our lives.

We are a massage therapy practice located in Norwell, Massachusetts.  We offer many styles of massage, specializing in Thai style.  In Thailand, a skilled, experienced practitioner is respected the way a doctor is respected in the U.S.  This is because many of the conditions and injuries that are treated in the U.S. with surgery can be corrected by Thai style massage with no surgery.  This 2,600 year old style is widely hailed as the # 1 therapeutic style in the world for this reason.  In December 2019, Thai massage was recognized by The United Nations for its contributions to world culture.  The style originated in India with a disciple of The Buddha, and went to Thailand many centuries ago when Buddhism came to Thailand.  Many Thai people get massage before meditation to help slow their mind to prepare to meditate.  We also offer Swedish, deep tissue, sports, pre-natal, and a separate foot reflexology massage.  Foot reflexology is thought to go back as far as 5,000 years in Egypt and China.

We love what we do here, and treat all who enter our practice as family (the Thai word for family is khawp krua).  One owner, Chris is from Quincy, MA, and the other owner, Pie, is from Thailand.  We seek therapists who love helping people, first and foremost.  Pie is constantly learning more about her craft, and has become proficient in using massage tools that date back centuries in Thailand.  

We have two client groups who visit us.  One group is people who have injuries, and/or chronic conditions that we work to fix.  If someone is being told that they need surgery, our goal is to prevent it.  The second group gets massage as part of an overall healthy lifestyle, combined with exercise, and healthy eating.  If you have questions, or to arrange to speak with us, please call us any time.

Most Sincerely, Pie and Chris, Owners
















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Hourly / FT
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Private Practice
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