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Licensed Massage Therapist
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I am the owner of a massage and wellbeing business that is growing. I am looking for someone who is interested and willing to keep learning and grow with me.

This option is for someone to want to build a long-term relation with the profession and the business. I am looking for a massage therapist who want to be involve in an integrated and holists approach therapies to offer the client a unique session, bringing them the most pampering, comfortable, adequate therapy to address their concerns.

The ideal candidate has to be willing for extra training in order to follow the business principles, as well as other techniques. Must have an incredible work ethic and professional demeanor, with passion for guest services, dependability, and flexibility, and want to be a part of a team. The compensation will be based in commission and tips.  Part time as independent contractor to begin with.

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Private Practice
It will be explained in the interview
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